Toxic profession

The key to success Isn’t necessarily where you work or how much money you make. It’s not the clothes you where or any material thing. Some may view this very differently but I’m almost 30 and have just now been hit with the simple fact that happiness is the key to success. Personally and professionally. I’ve worked hard my entire life in my professions and relationships. At the end of the day those two thing’s can be very similar. To me it’s become quite simple to solve if your job feels like a toxic relationship don’t stay in it and if your relationship feels toxic get out of it. Pretty simple right? Wrong see people like me worry about stability,  and a future,  and things like insurance unfortunately the corporate world has done a piss pour job at securing their most developed and hardest employee’s. I’ve been in management since I was a teenager, I was a GM by the age of 21 I’ve seen a lot and I’ve worked in several companies. It makes me ill that a company will not adhere to policies they’ve set because they’re to lazy or they’re afraid of a law suit. So you mean to tell me that you’d rather be stolen from internally, externally, have company time stolen, over work the dedicated employee’s and let other’s collect a pay check for doing nothing but breaking every policy that the company has written. This includes and isn’t limited too  discriminating, sexual harassment, theft, incorrect money handling, abusing company time, editing their own time, bullying, lack of accountability, lack of leadership, lack of team moral , and lack of respect. Also unprofessional relationships with fellow employees. I gave a notice and I will be the first to say this is the 3rd place that I didn’t complete my notice. See respect goes a long way with me and other people may not know their worth but I do.  If I decide to resign from somewhere that is my choice. Depending on the circumstances will determine how I present my notice and how long the notice will be. Every situation is different. For me the more chief’s the more problems. I always intend on doing thing’s the right way and seeing it through. But when I’m disrespected, belittled, and spoken about to sales associates before my notice is complete. That I have a problem with. See if you didn’t have issues in the store , and if the store in fact functioned like a team and respected one another, your right hand wouldn’t have gotten information from the employee’s that respect her and found out that my peers were slandering my name before I’d even worked my notice through. Now I don’t know how anyone else would’ve handled this but there are cameras in the store (clearly they don’t mean anything) . After receiving the information I thought long and hard my last couple hours of that shift and three more days to finish my notice. After said manager’s were fake to my face and I began to fill uncomfortable I decided it was in everyone’s best interest for me to leave my keys in an envelope addressed to my boss and that would be my last shift with the company. See what people fail to realize is people who know their worth or work ethic for example can’t be bought and I don’t need references I speak for myself and if I can’t ask any employee that has worked for me what type of boss I am.

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