It is the nature of the human animal to seek self preservation and place their own physical/emotional needs above those of others. The human animal, in an attempt to gain the attention of and possess another person, will say words like I love you. The human animal is not capable of love. Not true love. Society has painted a very popular yet false image of what love is. This false love is far more about control and personal gain than compassion. The human animal must raise its vibration to evolve into a true human being. Contrary to what biology class says, the homo sapien isn’t automatically a human being. This evolution can only be achieved by shedding our ego, shedding our desire for control and choosing to connect. Connection is a precursor to true love. Connection being the choice, Love is its consequence. Connection on the deepest of levels meaning the recognition that all life on this earth is undeniably intertwined and woven into one tapestry. In fact, the Creator’s breath of life…chi, energy whatever you wish to call it..is no different in us than it is in an animal or plant. We are all, one and the same. Our lower levels of thinking have allowed us to view ourselves as completely individual. This is the single biggest lie we have ever fallen for. Our physical bodies, are an individual collection of energy, but WE are not the bodies we wear. It is the lower elevation and ego of the human animal that believes this lie. We, in reality are simply unique expressions of the exact same breath of life or consciousness. You are another expression of me, and I of you. Accepting this is the only way to experience true, universal love. True love never seeks to possess or control. It does not concern itself with personal gain. True love gives rise to forgiveness, never vengeance. The Commandment love your neighbor as yourself is a great example regardless your spiritual beliefs. That commandment cannot be achieved until one knows the absolute truth that by loving your neighbor, you are loving yourself.

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