Unlocking doors

I find myself wrestling with thoughts and searching for meaning in everything. As a spiritual man, I’m driven by what inspires me. Personally, what society considers popular or important has never pulled weight on my soul. The tiniest details of life that often go unnoticed, I consciously train my eyes to. The art is everywhere. My purpose for this blog is to serve as a platform for an exchange of information and knowledge. Open discussion on meaning and purpose. A sharing of wisdom that as students of life, we acquire on our journeys. Psychology, spirituality, religion, science and philosophy do not have to be at war with one another. We have allowed ourselves to create that division and give them separate names. The reality is that they all converge at one point….you. Me. Us.

Nothing is off limits. There is no judgment here. If you’ve  come to judge, you’ve  come to the wrong place and will be greeted accordingly. We all have a life story that has lead us to exactly where we are at this point. Respect others in their views, and they will respect yours.

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